Friday, April 8, 2011

My work place, Inflight-Catering, KLIA

With our modern facility at KLIA, encompassing an area of 5,500 sq.m, we are capable of serving 300,000 meals per year.

Designed to provide maximum capability with the optimal use of space, our In-Flight Catering facility incorporates the latest innovations in the construction and food manufacturing industries.

Built on a single level concept, we are able to maximise production capability and form a positive flow for food and equipment throughout the entire production process.

A definite "Cold Chain" has been included in the facility design to ensure the integrity of food products during preparation, production and assembly processes.

Our facility conforms to the requirement of HACCP and ISO9000 standards, and are guaranteed HALAL.

Our services comprises
  • Bonded stores
  • Equipment storages
  • Dish Washing

The foods are carefully prepared chosen from exquisite Asian and Continental delicacies fit for the Gourmet.
  • 100% Satisfation Guarantee.
  • A Holistic Food Experience.
  • Best Choice and Value.
  • Local Food to Remember.

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