Thursday, January 20, 2011

                                     Dinner at Arab Restaurant near Mekah city during Haj season
            What a amazing taste,aroma , decoration,no chair,no table. The main point is the dish. 3/ 4 lamb under the rice . For Malaysian is enough for 5 or 6 pax. Just pepsi and mineral water available.The place is recommended by our coordinator Mr, Zulkhairi ,Saudi born,origin from Pattani.TQ.
     The taste is different,smooth.the lamb is just nice. I went there 3 x. RM ? or Riyal. I got the chance to go to arab restaurant at Cyberjaya.SABA RETAURANT. Full house that night, need to wait, not bad, the taste is there, but need improvement on the spices.,Why dont you go there and try something different.RM?.Bring extra money or credit card.

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