Monday, January 17, 2011

part time Chef(Tabung Haji)at Qurtuba Hotel, Makkah( hajj season)

   The climax destination as long as working as a tukang masak ,working for Tabung Haji twice, the challenge,date line, limited raw material, cummunication,an very important to feed all jemaah for 3800 pax,lunch and dinner over 1 month,everyday,without offday.luckly TH so nice to give a change in life time to do the haj and offduty complete the haj .Alhamdulillah.Shukran. Sweet memory and experience you will never get at any place, even if i compare when i was at Tokyo Bay Hilton Disneyland Hotel,Tokyo.

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  1. hi macam mana nak apply kerja di tabung haji? sebagai chef.